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Wisents, Forests and Lakes
»Gemeinde Jabel«

The assignment of this project was to create a new logo and basic office equipment for the municipality Jabel in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. For the new logo of the community elements of the original coat of arms were used to revive them in a modern composition.

The districts are each represented by an apple in the logo. The apple symbolizes the origin of the place name Jabel »Jablu« from the Old Slavic, which means there as much as place of the apple tree. The waves indicate the proximity of the place to the surrounding waters. The logo also shows a bison that symbolizes the three bison herds on the Damerower Werder peninsula, which have been living in an outdoor enclosure since 1957 in order to preserve a gene reserve for the dramatically decimated bison populations.

asignment: redesign
realization: logo, letterhead, business cards, note pads

Gmeinde Jabel business card Gemeinde Jabel note pad Gemeinde Jabel letterhead

Jabel is a small community with just under 700 inhabitants in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District. It consists of 5 districts and the nearest larger city Waren(Müritz) is about ten kilometers away. The very wooded area around Jabel encloses the Loppiner See and the Jabelscher See, which are connected with the Kölpinsee and the Fleesensee. The peninsula Damerower Werder is located between the lakes. The idyllic landscape attracts many tourists to the small community every year.

Gemeinde Jabel Corporate Design elements

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