generative typo letter O generative typo letter O

Processing + Typo

The following letters were created during the course "Offenes Gestalten mit Processing". The intention was to give the letter experimentally a plastic appearance on the one hand and, on the other hand, to use interference as a basic system or basic aesthetics.

The implementation took place in the development environment Processing, with which small programs were written. The respective results were exported out of those programs as PDFs to do further procession.

implementation: Processing (Java) + Illustrator
supervision: Marek Slipek

generative typo letter A generative typo letter P generative typo letter Q generative typo letter R generative typo letter O

The aesthetics has been achieved by the combination of the use of trigonometric functions to, for instance, achieve a soft-looking outer basic shape and, in contrast, a harder form to form the inner structure. The usage of coincidence by using random overlays of lines and geometric shapes to create an aesthetic disorder played a major role.

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